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Infosys Results Guidance : How to Trade Stock Before & After Announcement?

Infosys results are watched with a keen eye by market traders as it generally provides the cue to the market direction in forthcoming days ahead. It is an interesting fact that Infosys September quarter results reported higher net profit after tax (Rs 3,708 crore) for its December quarter of fiscal year 2016-17 which was approx 2.8% higher than the estimates, but has lowered guidance for the second quarter. Infosys lowered its full year dollar revenue guidance to 7.2-7.6% from 8.6-9% while revenue guidance in constant currency was revised to 8.4-8.8% from 8-9%. Thus we saw fall in stock price of Infosys. Now while trading Infosys stock it is not the result which matters but it is the guidance for the subsequent quarter which makes the difference. The present lowering of the guidance is due to Trump taking over the reins of USA soon and his intention to tighten the rules for overseas IT firms which can squeeze the revenues.

Mr Sikka need to also make sure that attrition rate at higher levels need to be cut down as attrition at senior management level leads to loss of credibility among the clients.
Infosys lowered its full year dollar revenue guidance to 7.2-7.6 percent from 8.6-9 percent while revenue guidance in constant currency revised to 8.4-8.8 percent from 8-9 percent.

Other key Indian IT stocks like TCS also takes a cue from the Infosys results and as it is stated that market does not like uncertainty and one need to wait and watch Trump taking oath as the President of USA and likely policy announcements which are likely to come in a hurricane spate till beginning of Apr Qtr. The hue and cry is likely to die down regarding Trump taking over USA reins and he has to also act responsibly as he has advisors to guide him. Till than the IT companies are going to lower their profit guidance and clear indications will emerge in subsequent announcements.

Thus to trade Infosys one should be able to gauge the likely result from the open interest buildup which is a key indicator where the smart money is moving and accordingly one can take the position as per the prevalent indicator or alternatively just follow the best intraday tip for the day and relax with profit for the whole day.

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