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When is the Right Time to Sell Stock?

All of us as traders are in a hurry to enter in the stock least realising that before entry exit path has to be predefined which determines your success in the market. Thus you have to keep the exit stratgey in hand as aim is to limit the loss and ride on the profits. It is very important that you should know when to move out of the market.

First step is to follow mechanical discipline where you trade as per written guidelines and enter and exit accordingly without any emotional attachment.

Remember that as a trader you might find that you have many losing trades and still you can come winning in the market. Even being right three or four times out of 10 should yield a person a fortune if they have the sense to cut losses quickly.
  Being a successful investor is just as much about limiting losses as it is about riding a winning stock. Downturns are a part of life in the market, and you must act decisively to shield yourself from excessive losses.

Do not ever try to justify yourself as doing this means that you are going to give space to the losing trade and never follow these TV commentators as they are paid to sound bullish as people will see channels only if positive vibes are generated about the market through the idiot box.

Lastly, you must listen to your intuition as your body gets in sync with the trades and when the body gives it is the right time to leave, you must leave immediately. If you are still looking for a good stock advisory service than look no further and use our intraday tip and start trading like a pro trader for lifetime.

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