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Rules to Follow while Trading

To be successful one need to follow these trading strategies to get the best out of our advice. The below rules will help you keep the risk under your control. The points are enumerated below:

  • As a matter of fact always trade with equal volume everyday. It should not happen that you book profit one day and you increase your volume and one day you book a loss and you reduce the volume. In futures same need to be applied and one should stick to the same number of lots.

  • Stop loss is the most important rule of Professional traders and it has been amply explained by visiting the requisite highlighted link.
  • We suggest you to not to pick and choose but trade in all given recommendations and at the given price and levels.

  • Do not execute the trade if mentioned rates/prices are not available.
  • Have faith in us as we provide you unbiased intraday calls to help you make money in the market.

  • Please Switch Off and On your mobile once in a day. Make sure that your Inbox has enough space to receive the SMS because these days unknowingly Whatsapp is consuming all the space in the mobile.

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