Daily One Hot Intraday Tip in Equity to Get You Profit by 11 AM EveryDay.

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Trade Intraday in Future to Quadruple Your Earnings & Finish Before 11 AM Everyday.

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Daily One Option in Intraday is the Order of the Day to Earn Extra Income before 11 AM.

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Smart Investment Tips to Multiply Your Capital

We deliver performance and not promises and with this as a premise we have designed our delivery calls to deal with your risk profile and time horizon which can range from short term, medium term or long term. Just remember that poor people spend their money and rich people invest it. Now this investment can be any kind of period depending on your risk profile as it willhelp you to multiply your money.

Our service is backed by a strong past performance, best technical and fundamental research. We have been repeatedly able to beat the Nifty 50 benchmark with great folds.  This is the kind of results which you can expect from our service. We are able to deliver a success rate of upto 95%.
  • Short Term caters for period ranging upto 5 working days and returns upto 10%.
  • Medium Term caters for period ranging upto 3 months and returns upto 25%.
  • Long term caters for period ranging above 1 Year and returns more than 100%.

A well designed portfolio is vital for an investor's success for the long term. Our methodology is built around picking up great fundamental stocks buying at the right time, right price and exiting at the right time. Safety of your capital is our primary concern and this service is backed by our money back guarantee. You can Invest with peace of mind through our service as it is backed by world class Research & Technology.

In a highly unlikely scenario if you are not satisfied with your returns or our services, we offer a money back guarantee service as we have full confidence on our service and your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us as we invest in long term relationship. We know it is your hard earned money and thus we put in much more effort so that you can achieve your financial dreams with us as we customise the service as per your needs and requirements. Each individual is different and thus the service also differs individually as it is designed as per your risk profile, capital available and number of other aspects which affects your life.

Period Rupees(₹) Payment
1 Month 5000

2 Months 9000

3 Months 12000

Do you give Free Trial?

NO, we do not provide free trial as we first teach and train the clients and thereafter we start the clients. Moreover, we have confidence in our service and this is the reason we offer 100% refund in case you are not satisfied.

What are the modes of the payment?

You can pay through credit card, debit card or net banking. Alternatively, you can deposit cash in the given bank accounts.

What is the procedure to subscribe?

You can subscribe with us by making online payment or depositing cash or cheque in our account or by net banking. However you need to inform us with payment details after making payment, so as to avoid any delay in starting your services.

Do You provide Intraday Calls?

Yes, we do give intraday calls in cash, future, Option and Nifty segment. However; we also provide delivery calls and commodity tips.

Do you provide tips via SMS?

Yes, we do provide SMS Service and also provide Whatsapp option.

Do you accept Cash?

Yes, we do accept cash and you need not pay any extra amount for cash deposit.

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