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Past Performance : Feb 2013

Stock Name
Rec Rate
Tgt 2
01 Feb 13CiplaBuy407412416Only first tgt achieved and thus subscription was auto extended by one day as stock hit a high of 415.15
04 Feb 13Asian PaintsBuy455045994650Achieved
05 Feb 13RECBuy250252.8255Achieved
06 Feb 13ZeelBuy236238240Achieved
07 Feb 13AmbujacemSell202.7200-Only one target given due to bouncing back tendency of stock and target was achieved.
08 Feb 13PFCBuy220223.5226.8Achieved
11 Feb 13CiplaBuy381387.6394Achieved
12 Feb 13TVtodayBuy77.578.679.5Achieved
13 Feb 13JindalstelSell392389.5387Achieved
14 Feb 13Axis BankSell 147514551437Achieved
15 FebJetairwaysBuy600614.3623Achieved
18 FebHavellsSell697688682Achieved
19 Feb 13RECBuy236239.8243Achieved
20 Feb 13BergerpaintBuy200202203.5Achieved
21 Feb 13HavellsSell680665652Achieved
22 Feb 13WiproBuy405411415.5Achieved
25 Feb 13BergerpaintSell200195190Achieved
26 Feb 13IdeaBuy114116118.5Achieved
27 FebZeelBuy216218.8221Achieved
28 Feb 13No call due to Budget & F& O expiry falling on same day

At times staying in cash is also a strategy.

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