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14 Intraday Trading Golden Rules to Make You a Pro Trader

The aim of intraday trading is to have daily income which will act as a second income and helps us achieve financial freedom. however, same is possible if one follows the outlined Golden rules for intraday trading as aim is to get a golden egg every day from the golden hen and not try to kill it in one shot.
  • The aim in intraday is to make quick money in shortest possible time and thus going with the trending stock is a must.
  • Initiate Early Trade as generally professionals make money in first two hours of the day and we will make you a professional trader for the life time by virtue of our free trading and guidance imparted once you join with any of our services and you will start making money with the word go using our best intraday tips as we have the highest success rate in this segment.
  • Fix your Gains and Losses and get out of the market on achieving the same everyday.
  • Not more than 2-3 trades per day as more you trade, more you are going to lose.
  • Avoid Intraday Trading in News/Results driven Stocks as you can be struck in an uptrend wave when people may be offloading the stocks.
  • Do not invest your all money in one go and thus here comes into play systematic route to investment or using the tranche system.
  • Diversification is the order of the day and thus do not park your whole money in one stock.
  • As a thumb rule loss in intraday should be max restricted to 10% of your capital.
  • Having a cash reserve will increase your comfort level and in turn will increase your profit as success will improve. 
  • Do not expect to become an professional expert day trader in a day. It may take years of practice and effort to learn day trading.
  • Paper trading is a must whichwill help you become a professional trader and same can be undertaken at NSE Paper Trading Paatshala and same has been explained clearly in the said video.
  • Stick to Stop loss.
  • Learn from your losses. 
  • Control your emotions, fear and greed.

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