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11 Facts About Commandments of Trading

It is important that one gets these listed below commandments of trading in the subconscious mind as their execution in the correct manner will determine your success or failure in the market.
  • Trade with Trend.
  • Do not try to pick tops and bottoms as till now none has been able to catch the same so far.
  • Plan your trade and trade your plan.
  • Donot add to a losing position as adding to a losing position is like catching a falling knife. 
  • Let your winners run and cut short your losses by using the stoploss technique.
  • Donot get emotionally married to a stock.
  • Be open minded and flexible.
  • Donot let a small loss turn into a disaster.
  • Think long term and protect your capital.
  • Donot make impulsive trading decisions.
  • Do not have over complicated trading system as you might get confused and instead concentrate on the sure tip for intraday trading and start trading like professionals.

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