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The Dummies' Guide to Thrill to Gain Money in Markets

A number of times we hear this phrase where traders state that they are going to play in the market for the past time. The moment  the word 'Play' and 'past time' are heard; we know that trader is in for the trouble as thrill is only good at certain places and is a strict 'No' in the stock market. We present below a traders curve and emotions during his journey with a trade as it rises and falls.
  • Remember that thrill seekers usually lose. 
  • If you are in futures simply for the thrill of gambling, you will probably lose, because it is a possibility that the money does not mean as much to you as the excitement. 
  • Just knowing this about yourself may cause you to become more prudent, which could improve your trading record. 
  • Have a business-like approach to the markets. Anyone who is inclined to speculate in futures should look at speculation as a business, and treat it as such. Do not regard it as a pure gamble, as many do. If speculation is a business, anyone in that business should learn and understand it to the best of his/her ability.
You will find that money paid for intraday future tips will get paid in no time and not only you will be sitting with profit but will also become a better trader for the life time.

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